Diet To Increase Muscle Mass

diet to gain muscleMany people think that to gain muscle they may lose a lot of time in the gym with the many hard cardio.

The fact that, it will be more easy if you get a suitable diet with your body. Gaining muscle needs may calories needs calories, so diet will be a perfect supporting.

I listed some meal plans for you below that can help you strengthen muscles fast. You should follow them to get optimal results.

The first meal of the day in the morning is the most important. It must contain a lot of carbohydrate, protein and healthy and have energy efficient fat.

Breakfast Includes:

2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites

2 cups milk

1 cup cereal with less sugar

2 Bananas

3g fish oil Omega 3

4 ounces of shredded cheese

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The Snack: About 3 To 4 Hours Later

21 grams of protein powder (1 or 2 scoops).

If you do not have protein powder you can eat low-fat cottage cheese.

2 cups milk, low fat (2%)

1 cup blackberries, cherries or strawberries

2/3 cup of oatmeal

1g of Omega 3 fish oil

Lunch For 3 To 4 Hours Later, An Hour Or Two Before Training

12 ounces of beef

1 ounce of cheese, low-fat or  nonfat

1/4 cup onions

2 leaves of romaine lettuce or 1 cup

3 wheel or tomato pieces

1 cup grapes, berries or cherries

3 slices of bread

30g Nuts, Almonds, Peanuts or Peanuts

After training:

Eating 35 grams of protein powder, can be  whey or casein.

If you do not have protein  powder uses a combination of meat, cheese and nuts.

Dinner With Vary Foods Of High In Nutrients And Antioxidants

9 ounces chicken breast, skinless

2 cups mushrooms or mushrooms

1/2 cups of grapes, berries or cherries

2/3 cups of rice

2/3 teaspoons of olive oil Snack or meal before bed, to keep the body build and repair muscle overnight

3 ounces of cheese, low fat

1 cup plain yogurt, low fat

1 cup oatmeal

It is important that you should make 5 meals every day and a sixth after training.

Training Tips:

You just should train a muscle group (leg, arm and chest, back …) every day, for about 45 minutes to rest one day a week. In this way you allow the weaker muscle fibers that be broken by muscle can regenerate becoming stronger and help you gain muscle quickly.

Good luck!


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