How To Lose Weight Fast – 5 Wonderful Tips

Weightloss ConceptDo you wonder how to lose weight fast? With some tips  that increase energy expenditure in the body below, you can eliminate up to 4 pounds a week.

Eating more protein is a way to use the metabolism for weight loss is the wonderful formula is in the book “The Energy Wave Seven Days” by Jim Karas, who considered a guru of good form in the United States. The tips of this author, coupled with a healthy diet will help you lose up to 4 pounds in a week!

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5 Surefire Ways To Loss Weight Fast

1. Eating every 3 hours

Eat small meals every three hours – it causes the body to expend more calories.  When you only make two or three large meals a day, the body fat is stalled. But when you eat little by little, you can have a faster metabolism. That means you lost fat quickly and have a good health.

2. More protein, less carbs

According to nutrition specialist and endocrinologist, eating more protein is a way to use the metabolism for weight loss. When you eat 100 calories of protein, about 25 of them spent in the work of digestion itself. On the other hand, when you consume 100 carbohydrate calories, only 8 burn themselves; in the case of fats, it is only 4! So, just eat more protein, your skinny-body dream will be true. Best sources of protein are beef, chicken, eggs, milk and dairy products.

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3. Drink Ice Water and tea

If you”re dehydrated, fatigue takes hold of your body, you just need to drink water and iced tea (without sugar). It is based on research that proves the beneficial power of these drinks. When you drink from 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, your body can burn about 200 and more calories. According Dr John Soares, it is because our body needs energy to raise the temperature of water from 5 to 37 degree C – and maintain “Ideal temperature” of our body.

4. Sleep all nights

Nothing is more important than night sleep.  If you want to lose weight, you need to sleep well for at least eight hours without interruption. When this does not happen for some reason, your hormones get out of balance and irritation may be harmful to you. As a consequence, your will be hungry and eating more and more. To sleep soundly, choose darkened room, separate comfortable pillows and blankets, and take a warm bath before going to bed.

5. Lose weight with Oxygen

Deep breathing is relaxing – and you will be thin! Fill your lungs with air decreases your levels of cortisol, a “bad” hormone linked to stress and decrease the metabolism. More oxygen to the body means more available and easier to lose weight. Don”t ignore it!

Good luck!

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